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Legally Reduce Your Tax Bill To Under 5%

Move Your Residence & Business Abroad

Act As Your Partner In Creating A Secure ‘Plan B’

Help You Build Tax-Free Wealth Abroad

Diversify Your Assets Outside Your Home Country




Who have a location-independent business and want to pursue new opportunities


Who trade or control holdings of property, stock, bonds, crypto, or precious metals


Remote Workers

Who no longer have to work in an office or specific location, and want to explore their options

Digital Nomads

Who earn an income online, and want to have a complete strategy for living a nomadic lifestyle


Who offer a professional service that allows you to work from anywhere


With a location-independent source of income ideal for living and doing business abroad


create a framework for implementing your new lifestyle Arrangements

Design Unique Solutions Tailored To Your Idea Of freedom & the lifestyle you want to live

Structure Your Business to be More Profitable & efficient

We help you design a Business &
Lifestyle plan that’s right for you

I’m Jonathan Braswell

Since 2016, I’ve been searching for the best places in the world to live, do business, manage your money and enjoy an upbeat lifestyle suited exactly to your own personal taste and desires.

​Since moving my own business to Puerto Rico in 2019, I’ve been living and practicing these kinds of techniques myself as I’ve been traveling and developing my own ideas of what it means to be a Permanent Tourist. This is a lifelong pursuit that’s constantly evolving that has been a passion of mine ever since I began traveling as a teenager. Over time, I started consulting to help other location-independent entrepreneurs and investors solve their own problems of high taxes and Government overreach. I’m available to help businesses, individual entrepreneurs, retirees, and any otherwise motivated, ambitious people who want to live overseas and do business abroad in the offshore world.

Plan B Immigration Internation Flag Theory

Since starting out offshore, I have:


Moved to Puerto Rico and optimized my personal & business tax structure to  legally reduce my total tax rate from 40% to 2%


Acquired a backup passport & residence outside the USA



Purchased Real Estate in a tax haven outside my home country



Explored dozens of countries around the world in search of a high quality of life & exciting opportunities



Globalization is creating more and more opportunity for businesses and individuals than ever before


We draw from a wide range of knowledge and experience to develop a thorough approach in helping you create and execute a holistic offshore plan


The 2020’s & the future will be dominated by those with the foresight to see the potential of investing globally

Three Easy Steps to More Money & Freedom

Step 1

Move offshore (anywhere outside your home country) and establish bank accounts, corporate registrations, and a new tax structure.

Moving your business, primary residence, and capital overseas legally reduces your tax burden and also presents new opportunities for building or protecting wealth by using offshore bank accounts and foreign corporations, trusts, or other legal entities.

Step 2

Obtain a new tax residence, become a dual citizen, and acquire a second passport.

Acquiring a residence in a foreign country with very low or NO taxes legally reduces tax obligations by 90+%. Re-domiciling your legal residence creates an abundance of different lifestyle options for you to enjoy, including things like no income taxes and living in an exciting new place. 

Step 3

Develop your investment strategy. Which countries you store assets in and which markets you invest in. Real estate, stocks, crypto, precious metals, fine art, and private equity.

Storing assets and maintaining investments in other jurisdictions builds a fully diversified investment plan spread across different asset classes and geographic locations. Many of the best investment opportunities right now are developing within emerging markets of the world. The 90+% you save in taxes can be reinvested into your lifestyle or your business & investments.

Wealth Management

We use tools to protect our clients’ private wealth such as offshore companies, foreign bank accounts, precious metal depositories and asset diversification techniques to create a strategy that gives you the best lifestyle opportunities and minimizes your risk of liability.

Tax Residency, Dual Citizenship, and Second Passport

Get access to easily overlooked investment opportunities in new markets. We identify deals and lucrative situations that span different asset classes and jurisdictions in a way that suits your tax, business, and lifestyle needs.

Investment Strategy

Get access to easily overlooked investment opportunities in new markets. We identify deals and lucrative situations that span different asset classes and jurisdictions in a way that suits your tax, business, and lifestyle needs.

Tax Planning and Optimization

We re-domicile your tax residence and corporate headquarters to utilize legal strategies that minimize a client’s tax obligations, leaving you more money to reinvest into your lifestyle or business.

How Our Service Works

We help high-performing individuals with a location-independent income to design a new lifestyle for living and doing business offshore. This encompasses tax reduction, asset protection, investment strategy, and improving your ability to build your business while living an international lifestyle.

Financial & Tax Planning

We make use of techniques that arrange your finances and paperwork into the most optimized structure for minimizing your tax obligations. Tools such as offshore corporations, foreign bank accounts, multi-currency banking, and international tax havens.

Immigration Planning

Our goal is to maximize your chances for success and your ability to build wealth, regardless of market cycles or what’s happening with the economy or geopolitical landscape. Having a second residence, dual citizenship, and a second passport will ensure you have options to live, work, do business, and that your family will be able to live well no matter what happens in the future.

Investment Planning

By legally saving 90+% a year on your tax bill, you can reinvest those earnings into growing your business, acquire high-yield foreign real estate, or make precious metal investments to store gold or silver in a high-security vault overseas. The opportunities are only limited to your imagination.


Making Money From Abandoned Or Burned Out Property

Making Money From Abandoned Or Burned Out Property

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Working For Someone Else Versus Your Own Business

Working For Someone Else Versus Your Own Business

You may have read articles about how a "huge income" is generated for freelance or salaried people who provide technical services in the most advanced computer applications, like Artificial Intelligence. This is the very biggest pay for people who work their asses off...


Our Multi-Jurisdictional Approach

We coordinate all of your tax, investment, and immigration planning across multiple jurisdictions both domestically and internationally.


Creating a Holistic, Comprehensive Strategy

We take a multi-dimensional approach to organizing your financial affairs, tax planning, company registrations and banking needs to align with your immigration and lifestyle plan.


We Use These Techniques & Live This Lifestyle Every Day

We have years of personal experience living and doing business abroad. We practice what we preach, and our experts will implement the same ideas to help you smoothly transition offshore.


Custom Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Creating a vibrant international lifestyle that you absolutely love is our top priority, all tax and business matters aside.

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