Many people will tell you it either seems like a fantasy, or that you’re doing something illegal if
you pay only a small fraction of your income in taxes to federal, state, and local governments.
One thing I’ve felt very passionately about since first discovering that the world is full of options,
is the possibility of going where you, your money, and your business are welcomed and treated
with respect. Something else I feel strongly about is optimizing your business from a tax
perspective in order to pay the bare minimum in tax legally allowed by the law in your
jurisdiction. This can be done while also enjoying an interesting lifestyle that suits you in respect
to quality of life and things you value. This is best done by living and investing internationally in
order to explore the many benefits of building a lifestyle that is not limited to just one country,
place of business, or social scene.

Something that I personally have a hard time accepting about living in the same country that
we’re born in, is for my hard-earned resources and cold hard cash to be carelessly wasted by
politicians who do not represent my individual interests. The politicians of today use my tax
dollars to fund causes and efforts that don’t resonate with my own beliefs. For any person that
feels a similar type of disconnection from the current political outlook of their own government, it
may be surprising to learn of some of the creative ways one can resolve unnecessary issues
such as high taxes or an expensive cost of living in your home country.

Did you know that it is possible to legally reduce (or even eliminate) your tax obligations
by making the proper residency arrangements?

Would you like to reduce — even eliminate all your income or capital gains taxes? Here’s
the solution.

Let me help you relocate from the United States to Puerto Rico. Here in PR, you’re no longer
subject to USA federal or state income taxes. Qualifying businesses under Puerto Rico’s Act 20
(now renamed Act 60 as of January 2020) can slash their tax rate to nearly nothing. Basically
any type of business can qualify.. Thousands of self-employed people and business owners are
coming to Puerto Rico to be “tax free”. I am personally living here and making a good living in Puerto Rico. You can do the same — starting now. If you want to escape to a pro-business, pro-
foreign investment atmosphere, this is the place.

But wait… even my hero, Benjamin Franklin once said “nothing is certain except death and

Well, he was right, at least about death. Taxes, on the other hand, are something that can be
legally avoided and reduced substantially with the proper planning. The situation for American
people is a little bit more tricky, but anyone with an open mind and an appetite for a little
adventure can legally reduce what they owe to the government each year by moving outside of
their home country. The key is to move your permanent ‘fiscal’ residence to a place that has
very low or NO taxes. Once you have a legal address in a tax haven, you are officially living
either tax-free or close to it, and eliminating most of the hassles associated with annual filings
and tax-related matters.

Although this may sound intimidating to some people, the truth is that living internationally,
making investments in other countries and economies, and doing things like storing a nest egg
of cash or gold somewhere else in the world are intelligent measures to take when facing the
kind of uncertainty that exists in the world. Those that generate a location-independent income,
investment income, have useful skills with good earning potential, or businesspeople who are
operating online, ie basically any person with the means and the mobility absolutely should
consider options for internationalizing. Both from a business and a personal standpoint, the
benefits outweigh any drawbacks 100 to 1 that will result from moving and getting out of your
comfortable rut. Your lifestyle is going to be much more stimulating, full of interesting new experiences, different kinds of people, and filled with new educational and cultural opportunities
as a result of moving to try out something new.

From a tax standpoint, could you imagine saving 90+% a year every year from here forward?
Reducing one of your largest expenses by such a dramatic amount is sure to make a positive
difference within your operation, regardless of the size of your business or your income. But this
goes especially for the high-earners bringing in $200,000 or more each year, the solution seems
obvious when you look at the situation with respect to your financial interests. It’s natural to
experience the growing pains of moving somewhere new or trying a new lifestyle somewhere
temporarily. This is just one of the pains of getting started, as is to be expected with any new
venture or project. Once everything is in motion with your plan for living internationally, the
gears will begin turning and you will be shocked by all the new business and social opportunities
presented to you if you keep your eyes and ears open. This change in scenery keeps you
sharp, mentally refreshed, and keeps you on your toes, not to mention the fact that you will
meet many valuable contacts that will help you in business and will assist you in putting deals

Everything from Wall Street traders and hedge fund managers to medical practitioners,
pharmaceutical manufacturers, independent consultants, investors, real estate developers,
crypto enthusiasts and all form of service industry jobs are coming to Puerto Rico to take
advantage of the benefits. The expat and local community both are very lively, welcoming, and
interested in all the new foreigners coming here. I am personally invested in Puerto Rico, and
am optimistic about the direction the island is heading as a result of the influx of innovators and
capital moving in.

High-earning people who pay a lot of money in taxes have the option of moving to a beautiful
island paradise that’s sunny and 85 degrees just about every single day. No American needs a
passport to travel between Puerto Rico and the United States, it’s exactly the same as moving
to any other state within the USA. Travel between the US and any US territory doesn’t require
the need for a passport, so the barriers keeping people from hopping on a plane and landing in
San Juan, Puerto Rico a few hours later are slim to none. That makes it very easy to take
advantage of the numerous benefits of living here, such as the extra-low tax rates, amazing
weather and the entertaining lifestyle. I recommend this option highly for any potential nomads,
business operators and investors considering leaving their home country, the United States in

Personal friends and clients who come to visit always love the atmosphere and the way of life
on the island. The metro area around the capital of San Juan has a vibrant nightlife, beautiful
beaches, a thriving expat community, and a unique, bilingual, multicultural kind of vibe to the
city and people. In addition, Puerto Rico has many lucrative real estate deals, lots of
opportunities to make money and valuable contacts here. I have ongoing real estate deals
available to outside investors which we’re raising capital for – get in touch through our website if
you have an interest in private equity offerings! I know of several deals offering double-digit
returns and huge tax credits to investors looking to place capital in Puerto Rico. I’ve gained a
unique perspective after spending some time here, and it’s clear there is serious investment
potential and guaranteed tax savings that come with doing business and investing in Puerto
Rico. Fill out the form and contact us on our website to get more information about our ongoing
projects or services.

Investors with an interest in commercial real estate projects or luxury hotel developments with
serious value-add potential, drop me a note about the deals I’m involved in here in PR so I can
follow up on your interest in Puerto Rico! I’m excited to share information about the opportunities
here. I can show you some of the commercial property deals that have so far been funded
within my network, and I’ll tell you about the latest project we’re raising financing for on the
acquisition and renovation of a picturesque luxury hotel on one of Puerto Rico’s finest beaches.
A property with a rich history, that attracts tourists from all over the world and routinely hosts
important celebrities, businessmen, and politicians.

One thing is certain, it makes for an interesting place to come build your fortune and lay on the
beach sipping lemonade during the day as you save 95% on your tax burden. All this, and
surrounded by palm trees while you eat delicious street food from the local taco trucks for
dinner. San Juan is filled with fantastic cuisine, a cosmopolitan urban scene, and plenty of social
events and community groups to network within. You can mingle around other like-minded
entrepreneurs and investors in the evening, there is always something positive going on. Just a
normal day in Puerto Rico. Hope to see you here soon.

To your success,