For the individual that is open to looking at all options for living and doing business, the offshore
world contains a wealth of opportunity and lucrative investment potential hidden beneath the
surface for those adventurous enough to try something new. Ever since I began seriously
traveling and doing my own research on how to best diversify yourself in life and business, I’ve
been dedicated to helping educate people and demystify the complexities people think of when
they hear the term ‘offshore’. For many of us, we think of corrupt politicians or money laundering
every time we hear someone say the word ‘offshore’ in reference to a foreign company or a
bank account overseas. This negative idea or connotation is exactly what the media and
governments around the world, especially in the West, want people to associate with anything
dealing with the concept ‘offshore’. That anything offshore must be bad, and anything ‘offshore’
must be only for shady people with something to hide. After all, those are the only kinds of
people who open ‘offshore’ bank accounts or own an ‘offshore’ corporation. Surely any
legitimate person with a normal, legitimate business has no need to go through such trouble or
use such tactics.


This falsehood really could not be further from the truth, and let’s start by confronting the myth
that there is absolutely nothing inherently dishonest, corrupt, or evil about owning an offshore
business or having money stored in an offshore bank account. These tools are completely legal,
and have been used for generations by people with any considerable amount of wealth or
assets for the purpose of asset protection. The term “Offshore” refers to anyplace that is outside
of the country which you were born in. For example, in the case of an American, anyplace
outside of the United States is considered ‘offshore’. A bank account in Canada, the UK,
Singapore or Mexico would be an offshore account for an American person, and Rule #1 is that
assets and accounts are always better kept in foreign jurisdictions as opposed to being
maintained in the same country you are born in or where you spend your time. We’ll dive deeper
into the details as to why, but the simplest reason is because foreign businesspeople, investors,
and skilled laborers are generally treated better and with more respect in countries outside of
where they were born. A large part of this has to do with the fact that foreign governments wish
to attract capital and foreign direct investment to boost their own economy, while the
government in your home country typically views its own citizens more as state resources, good
for being taxed and exploited. The local population is usually treated by its own government like
sheep that are ready to be fleeced and taxed into oblivion.

In this article, I’ll explain why in today’s world many of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs
and investors are choosing to diversify internationally. In the coming years, I expect to see the
trend of wealthier, productive people leaving the West only increase as more people leave
home in favor of the exciting opportunities taking place in many of the world’s emerging

Maybe you aren’t ready to take the full leap and move away from home where you’re
comfortable and familiar. Either way, being prepared for any potential reality helps the modern
entrepreneur and investor to enjoy a high standard in quality of life, while maintaining the tools
you need to be successful and have a fully diversified business or investment portfolio. Threats
like nuclear war breaking out, economic collapse, racial or religious discrimination in your
country, or any general changes that are risks to consider in the modern world. Ultimately, the
purpose is that having an actionable offshore plan works best if it is arranged well ahead of the
time when you need to make important decisions. This is so you can guarantee yourself the
opportunity to live, do business, and keep your family safe in the case that things take a turn for the worse and the tide shifts at home to your disfavor.

That doesn’t have to mean moving away from home where you’re comfortable right away. Start
by traveling and seeing what it’s like in different places. Preparing to move offshore could mean
purchasing a vacation property in a place you enjoy that you could later use as a residence
when you’re more excited about the idea of living in a new place. You can own the property as
insurance, knowing you have a place to stay that’s comfortable and set up to your liking anytime
you want to get away. Establishing bank accounts in the places that you travel to, or anyplace
where you’re looking to purchase property could help ease the transition for when you move
offshore. Life is all about options, having a backup plan, and knowing you can thrive under any
condition in whatever style you prefer.

It’s a savvy move to consider diversifying geographically in regards to where you store your
wealth. That can be real estate that you own, stock ownership, precious metals on deposit, or a
going business you control. Here we talk a lot about strategies for managing your wealth and
maximizing life’s personal freedoms. It just so happens that for entrepreneurs and investors who
choose to operate offshore, you can additionally reduce the amount of bureaucratic red tape
involved in running your business, your cost of living, your tax obligations, and many more of
life’s headaches.

Some of these techniques are more on the sophisticated side, such as using foreign bank
accounts or offshore trusts & corporations for asset protection reasons. However, many times
an individual can achieve their financial goals and enhance their lifestyle and business simply by
moving to a location with lower tax rates. This can have innumerable benefits and open you up
to certain freedoms that you never considered.

Much of this article is concerned with explaining the ‘Flags’ and the lifestyle of a Permanent
Tourist, and how these ideas can be applied to give you the maximum level of freedom and
control over your life. Adopting this new mindset is the answer and solution to many of your
problems you may be facing at home. It all begins with a simple philosophy:

You Become a PT: Permanent Tourist

What are the Flags of a Permanent Tourist?
It goes something like this: Every PT should realize that his or her government exists to exploit
them, not to serve them. Accordingly, six new ‘flags‘ (foreign countries) should be chosen. They

  1. A country that will give you citizenship and a good passport which you can use for travel and
    banking business – this is a country that will not seek to control and tax you when you are gone.
  2. A country where you can work or run a business, to make serious money.
  3. A country where you can play or indulge yourself in what gives you pleasure – even though
    such activities may be considered illegal, immoral or fattening in the place where you formerly
  4. A country where you can have a “legal residence” and where there are no onerous
    regulations, property taxes, nor income taxes. Of course, the country should not require that you
    actually spend any time there. This is where you spend time “on paper”.
  5. A banking or asset haven from where your investments and financial dealings can be run by
    trustworthy employees, institutions, or banks. This place must have genuine independence,
    good secrecy laws, a laissez-faire attitude, and a long tradition of the inviolability of private
  6. The Sixth Flag is cyberspace – your internet business, cryptocurrency holdings,
    communications, and money moving systems. You can be physically invisible but virtually
    everywhere. You can roam the globe electronically, raking in profits even as you sleep.

Each of the above flags should be different from each other, and certainly different from the
country you were born in or are presently a citizen of. Only then can you experience true
freedom and the ultimate sense of security.

Only then will you not be under the thumb of any one government. If one of your flags goes
down, the rest of “you” carries on normally – you can simply route around the problem and
replace the damaged flag.

What does all this mean to you? Probably that you have a lot to learn – and there is a whole
“offshore” world out there that you don’t understand at all. Here’s where I can help you.

Something we specialize with is helping clients to obtain foreign residences, legally save on
taxes, and make lucrative investment deals by doing business overseas in new markets.
Relocating your primary residence to a tax haven is one of the first steps, and an important
cornerstone of establishing a bulletproof strategy for moving your business outside your home
country and protecting your wealth and your freedom.

Here in 2020, we’ve all witnessed the value of taking a more proactive approach to doing
business, planning investments, and preparing for the unpredictable times ahead. We never
know what tomorrow might hold, and this year has proven to everyone just how uncertain the
future can and will be. Although most are unaware of the available options, those that manage
to prepare thoroughly will continue to get more enjoyment out of life, suffer minimal disruptions
to their lifestyle, and see little negative impact to their earning ability. Believe it or not, all of this
can be achieved even despite the fallout of a global pandemic, war, or natural disaster. Just
consider the possibilities.

To Your Success,
Jonathan Braswell